Environmental Consulting

Are you a small business owner with environmental compliance questions? Do you want to cut your costs by decreasing material usage? Contact EMAP for free and confidential assistance. EMAP provides small business owners in Pennsylvania with the answers and assistance they need to effectively manage their environmental concerns and reduce regulatory risk.

Ask EMAPEMAP assistance includes:

  • Toll-Free Environmental Hotline 1-877-ASK-EMAP
  • Consulting Assistance
  • Site Visits
  • New Technology Development Assistance
  • Pollution Prevention Assistance
  • Online Materials Exchange
  • Newsletter
  • Training Seminars

Consulting Assistance

Receive one-on-one consulting assistance with:

  • environmental regulatory requirements
  • permit applications, forms, and plans
  • environmental management strategies
  • new technology development
  • waste minimization
  • finding sources of financing for environmental upgrades

Site Visits

Professional staff are available to visit your facility to assist with compliance issues and waste minimization opportunities.

New Technology Development Assistance

EMAP assists firms in the development and commercialization of new energy and environmental technologies by helping prepare and review proposals, finding new markets and opportunities, and identifying potential funding sources and partners.

Pollution Prevention Assistance

Pollution is a drain on a firm’s bottom line. Whether it’s air emissions, solid or hazardous wastes, or wastewater discharges, pollution is a waste resulting from inefficiencies in a firm’s operations. And what business is ever purposely wasteful? EMAP can help small businesses use pollution prevention to improve their efficiency and save money.

Online Materials Exchange

Using the Material Trader Website, businesses can search online for alternative uses for materials that have traditionally been discarded, and find new, inexpensive sources of raw materials.

EMAP Newsletter

The quarterly newsletter provides current environmental news and information to keep the small business community informed about important regulatory changes and environmental cost-saving opportunities.

Training Seminars

EMAP offers educational programs on topics of interest to small businesses. Some topics have included reducing costs through environmental management, complying with OSHA standards, and funding small businesses. Check the  website for current course offerings.

Contact Us

For more information, contact your regional representative for central Pennsylvania:

Denise Bechdel, CEA, REM, REPA, REP
(814) 867-1539