Sunayana Iyer

I am currently a second year MBA student at Penn State, concentrating in Supply Chain Management and Strategic Leadership. Born and raised in the small town of College Station, Texas, I always held high aspirations to take part in the technology boom and work for a tech company. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University, concentrating in Management Information Systems, and Business Management. After obtaining my undergraduate degree, I accepted my first job at Hewlett Packard in Austin, Texas. There I held a variety of roles in the Global Supply Chain Systems domain. Primarily focused on functional analytics within Supply Chain, I decided to come back to school to gain a more thorough business understanding of Supply Chain and to reinforce my management skillsets. This summer I had the opportunity to intern at as a Sr. Program Manager Intern, working in their Supply Chain Execution Division for transshipments. I hope to join them full time after graduation but am still
vetting other options.