“The SBDC gave me insight and confidence in a time where I did not know which way to turn. They gave me strength to know I had a place to go when I came across any roadblocks.”
—Vaughn Holderman, Chasing Trophy Fish, 2016
“The invaluable consultations from the professionals at the SBDC have made it possible for our company, XMP LLC, to take off in the right direction.”
—Matt Woods, X Materials Processing CEO, 2016
“The SBDC helped me make sure this business purchase made sense and was successful. They also referred me to the Penn State Law Clinic who helped me with the buy/sell agreement among other things.  It was great as a student to have the Happy Valley Launch Box as a place to go to find this sort of free assistance.”
—Matt Modricker, Social Entrepreneur, 2016
“My advisor…has really been in my corner from the outset. He helped me to determine if my business plans were viable, how I could protect myself and my family if things didn’t work out, and what I needed to do to be successful along the way. I used my free pass to attend a social media seminar which was far more helpful than I ever imagined it would be. I’m almost at the one‐year mark with my business and knowing the SBDC is there really provides peace of mind for me. I’m not sure I would have had the courage to branch out on my own like this if it weren’t for its services.”
— from the 2015 Impact Survey
“[My consultant] is great to work with and still sends me info on classes and other learning opportunities.”
— from the 2015 Impact Survey
“Anytime I have had questions or a problem [my consultant] has been there to help me on my way. He is my business’ greatest asset!”
—from the 2015 Impact Survey
“My business would not be here today without the help of [my consultant] and the entire SBDC staff. They have been a huge reason not only why I’m in business, but why I am still in business. They are an extremely valuable asset and I cannot recommend their services enough.”
—from the 2015 Impact Survey
“[My consultant] and her team are amazing! In 2014 she helped me come up with a plan to reposition my business to get more of the type of work that I wanted. In 2015 she referred me to an expert to help me set up a contract to use with clients to protect myself. I appreciate that she is always there to hear my ideas and give an honest and unbiased point of view.”
—from the 2015 Impact Survey
“Extremely resourceful and helpful.  Couldn’t be more happy with the help I have received.”
—from the 2015 Impact Survey
“I had a great experience while working with [my consultant] at the SBDC. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in his job. He was also professional in his interactions with me. I would recommend him to anyone who needed to use his services.”
—from the 2015 Impact Survey
“I went in with no expectations with a company start up.  [Our contact] was absolutely superb as the SBDC representative for us. We would recommend their services to absolutely anyone and plan to continue as our business grows.”
—from the 2015 Impact Survey
 “I’m grateful that the SBDC saw the value in my project and helped me connect the dots.”
—Mary Elizabeth McCulloch, Project Vive, 2015
“To receive this award (SBA Family-Owned Business) is not just a testimony to the hard work that led us to where we are today, but also the support we received from the Penn State SBDC, our lender, and the Small Business Administration.”
Dennis McFarland, Buttonwood Campground owner, 2016
“(The SBDC is)…such an outstanding organization.”
Kim Bingaman, A Place for Everything Home and Business Solutions,  2015
“…starting our LLC has been fun and exciting, but sometimes we have concerns that we want to run by others. In these instances, the SBDC has been a wonderful resource.”
Dan Yosua, eVubble lite, 2015
“There are no words to express how much I appreciate the support I have received from the SBDC.”
Lydia Myers, Rugrats Resale, 2014
“Working with the SBDC is more than receiving level-headed business advice; it is having an entire team of expert business professionals cheering me on, believing that I can in-fact, make this happen.”
Denise Meyer, Restitch Studio, LLC, 2013
“Very happy to be recognized for our business…our Small Business Development Center Advisor always believed in us and keeps on vouching for us!”
— Wei-Shin Lai, MD, CEO, AcousticSheep, LLC, 2013
“The staff at the Penn State SBDC not only advised but invigorated our planning process…when we ran ahead, they pulled us back… when we failed to see opportunities they helped us see options.”
— Jay Young, partner, Rising Spring Meats, 2013