Student Entrepreneurs

The Penn State SBDC works with student entrepreneurs every day who are interested in exploring how to turn an idea into a business.  Read this article from Penn State News about some local resources.

Penn State students have several entrepreneurship options:

  1. Start a business (possibly one that you worked on during a Penn State entrepreneurship class)  Contact the Penn State SBDC at to begin.
  2. Join an entrepreneurship-related student organization such as Innoblue or Nittany Consulting Group.
  3. Earn a minor in entrepreneurship. More information is at ENTI minor.
  4. Enter a competition: The InvestmentHackPSU, Ag Springboard Competition, and many others at Penn State and in the Centre Region.

If you are thinking about starting a business, the Penn State SBDC can provide no cost, confidential assistance to you. Some start-up services that we provide include:

  1. Market analysis and competitive research
  2. Business planning
  3. Business viability assessment
  4. Technology commercialization

Interested? What’s next?

Watch for major events each year that encompass many facets of student entrepreneurship opportunities:

  1. Global Entrepreneurship Week  November 11-15, 2018
  2. Penn State Start Up Week 

Connecting with the Penn State SBDC

Interested in talking with someone at the Penn State SBDC about Student Entrepreneurship? Contact Linda Feltman ( at (814) 863-4293.

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