R3: Reevaluate. Redefine. Remodel.

The R3 program is designed to give small business owners insight into strategic planning by identifying business capabilities and designing a road map to launch future initiatives.

The R3 program consists of three, 30-day modules:

  • Reevaluate: In the first phase of the program, participants will evaluate internal operations by identifying strengths and weaknesses to leverage while planning for the future.
  • Redefine: In the second part of the 90-day journey, participants will identify external influences on their business and the opportunities & threats that accompany the external environment.
  • Remodel: In the final stages of the process, participants will identify a strategy, design a roadmap, and begin to execute plans for future initiatives.

The R3 program includes three, 2-hour lunch and learn workshops, bi-weekly coaching sessions, and access to a 90-day workbook to guide the business owner through the process of reevaluating, redefining, and remodeling their business with strategic foresight.

Upcoming program dates will be announced at a later date. 

  • Workshop 1: Reevaluate
  • Workshop 2: Redefine
  • Workshop 3: Remodel
  • Execution Review
Meet with a certified business advisor
A Little Bird Finds Its Nest in Lock Haven
Learn how co-owners Tina Newberry and Lisa Henderson worked with the SBDC to gain the information and resources needed to successfully launch their business, A Little Bird, in downtown Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.
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