Client Success Stories
Bringing Bliss to Lock Haven

Liz Webb owned and operated Bloomies, a successful flower shop in Mill Hall, for 10 years before entering the chiropractic/massage therapy industry. After receiving her Pennsylvania license to practice in 2016, she moved to Rochester New York in 2018 where she added a New York certification and worked in a spa.

But in 2020, after moving back home to Lock Haven to be closer to family, Liz realized there was a need for massage services in the area. She decided to open her own massage business but waited until the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic subsided before taking action.

When she was more confident with economic circumstances, Liz began to seek potential locations in the fall of 2021. Having worked with the SBDC to establish Bloomies, she reached out and connected with Penn State SBDC Business Consultant Tom Keiffer for support identifying a location and preparing to start up.

Keiffer helped Liz develop a budget, financial projections, and a business plan and prepare for a Lock Haven Commercial Loan Program application. If awarded, the funds will help Liz secure working capital for renovation costs, additional equipment, and future hires.

“Tom was very encouraging,” said Liz. “He told me the steps I needed to do in the order they needed to be done, pointed out different resources, and gave me encouragement that I was on the right path.”

While she originally hoped to find a location in downtown Lock Haven, the real estate market proved to be challenging. So, after expanding her search, Liz found and secured a location, a former dog grooming salon, in December 2021. By January 2022, she began renovations on the first floor of the building and set a goal of opening on 2/22/22.

With a tight timeline, Liz faced several challenges with building renovations. But with long hours, hard work, and the support of her fiancé and some additional helpers, Bliss Massage was ready to open on the originally planned date.

“Liz did a wonderful job with the aesthetics of the property,” said Keiffer. “The new awning, window boxes, and hanging plants went far to welcome clients into the new space.”

Liz currently offers 30–60-minute Swedish, deep tissue, sport, and prenatal massages. Clients can schedule appointments using an online booking system. In the coming months, Liz hopes to renovate the second level of the building, hire additional staff, and potentially bring on product lines from local vendors.

"I really don’t think I could have done the financials without Tom’s help and business expertise."
- Liz Webb

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