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In 2016, after struggling through physical and mental health difficulties, Jennifer Malloy set out on a journey to improve her health and wellness. To accomplish her goals, she sought the help of a professional and ultimately connected with a functional medical practitioner who helped put her in the right direction by identifying an individualized wellness plan.

And the plan worked – Jennifer lost a significant amount of weight and improved her overall quality of life. With a new outlook, Jennifer wanted to pay it forward and serve others, so she decided to open her own business, to be called “Grounding Roots and Individualized Nutrition LLC” or GRIN. GRIN would expand upon the healing diet that worked for Jennifer and offer a variety of services to meet diverse patient needs.

“My goal is to create more fun and less stress around lifestyle changes,” says Jennifer, who has experienced the benefits of a holistic and complete approach to personal nutrition.

To prepare for the launch of her business, Jennifer began taking classes in 2021 to further her certification in Functional Nutrition Counseling through Full Body Systems. The certification will allow her to pursue a licensed practitioner program, which will ultimately enable her to perform client health assessments and tailor wellness services that are customized to each client’s health history and goals.

Throughout her Full Body course work, instructors encouraged students to seek out resource providers who could help launch their entrepreneurial endeavors. Jennifer began researching local economic development organizations, and ultimately came across the Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) on Penn State Extension’s website. She reached out and connected with business consultant Will Hooten, who was able to provide guidance on creating an LLC, managing business taxes and insurance, and how to avoid phishing scams that often target new business owners.

“Will has been incredibly patient and accommodating,” says Jennifer. “He’s super knowledgeable and has helped me navigate potential scams, financing, and filings. The detailed information he’s provided has given me steps to follow and guidance of where to go.”

As a single mom, Jennifer understands the challenges of starting a business. Balancing the demands of a full-time job, course work, and home life on top of being a business owner can be challenging, but with support from the Penn State SBDC and her functional nutrition training, Jennifer has found a balance that allows her to remain healthy and happy. She looks forward to providing the same services to her own clients.

“I really appreciate the services you guys offer – it’s helped make the process a lot easier.”
- Jennifer Malloy

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