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Labels by Pulizzi is a family-owned printing business that has been in operation in Williamsport, PA since 1968. Husband and wife Joseph and Charline Pulizzi established the business and with the help of their children Joe Jr. and Mark saw continued growth and success throughout the years. After the passing of Joseph Senior, Charline’s sons stepped up to help run the company along with their mother. With the support of many loyal employees and family members who support business operations, the business remained a Williamsport favorite throughout several decades.

When the existing generation of owners were ready to retire, they were looking to transition the business. While several others had expressed interest in purchasing the business over the years, Charline was focused on identifying someone who would take care of the employees just as well, if not better, than she had for more than 53 years.

Fortunately for Vincent Pulizzi, Charline’s grandson and Joe Jr.s’ son, his grandmother never sold to anyone outside the family. In January of 2021, Vincent and his wife Selina were ready for a professional pivot. Vincent, who had a successful career in the oil and gas industry, and Selina, who was a full-time real estate agent, were intrigued by the prospect of purchasing the business and carrying on the family legacy.

In January of 2021, the couple started to reach out to banks and accountants to learn next steps for acquiring the business. They were tasked with develop a business plan, but with full time jobs, the process was time consuming and overwhelming. Selina, who had worked with the Lock Haven SBDC on an earlier project, suggested they reach out to the Penn State SBDC (which had combined with Lock Haven SBDC in 2020). Vincent had also been referred to the SBDC by a friend and alumni of Lock Haven University, so they connected with business consultant Tom Keiffer in March of 2021. Tom helped them with their business plan and three-year financial projections so that they could apply for bank financing.

“Had we not had the help of the SBDC, it would have been a lot more challenging to complete our business projections and finalize our business plan,” says Selina. “Tom was integral in helping us complete those things and complete them correctly. Without his help and guidance, I’m not sure we would have received financing.”

By July 2021, the two had secured the necessary financing from Woodlands bank, which allowed them to move forward with the purchase agreement. They officially took ownership in October 2021. While the first few months of owning any business can be challenging, Vincent’s existing relationships with the employees helped make the transition a smooth one. Vincent notes that the employees “have been helpful and kind. We can’t say enough good things about the employees here – they’ve helped us tremendously.”

As the couple moves forward, they look to cultivate a work environment that promotes the personal growth of their employees, fosters innovation and outside-the-box thinking, and embraces modern day technology to streamline business processes and operations. With $4.4 million in sales in 2020, the couple looks to not only continue the family legacy but provide the Williamsport area with a valuable service for many years to come.

“Tom was integral in helping us complete those things and complete them correctly. Without his help and guidance, I’m not sure we would have received financing.”
- Selina Pulizzi, Co-Owner, Labels by Pulizzi

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