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Empowering Change through All Things Kind

Jaimie Holsinger has a passion for making a positive impact. Inspired by her mission to instill kindness in others and her family’s entrepreneurial history, she founded All Things Kind, a photography business, in 2019. But after a few years of operation, Jaimie felt a desire to do more and serve her community in a deeper way. 

Jaimie had long hoped to expand her business into a brick-and-mortar space, and after recognizing a need in Centre County, she began exploring the idea of a one-stop shop for zero waste and sustainable home goods. Having worked with the Penn State SBDC and Penn State Entrepreneur Assistance clinic to register her LLC, Jaimie reconnected for support with her new venture.

Through monthly meetings with consultant Tom Keiffer, the pair developed detailed financial projections and a sound pricing strategy that would support financial stability and sustainability. Tom also helped Jaimie navigate required registrations associated with starting a business.  

Jaimie decided to open All Things Kind Market in downtown Bellefonte, but after encountering renovation issues with an initial location, she needed to identify a more viable option. Fortunately for Jaimie, another local business was relocating to State College, which made their recently renovated space available. The space was large enough to house not only the market but also an office space where Jaimie could manage the operations of both businesses. With Tom’s guidance in reviewing the lease, Jaimie confidently moved forward with her plans.  

All Things Kind Market officially opened its doors on March 4, 2023. Reflecting on her journey, Jaimie acknowledges the support she received from the Penn State SBDC. “Tom became my business Coach,” she said. “Being able to reach out and schedule a meeting with him at any time throughout the process was incredibly helpful.” 

Since launch, Jaimie has continued to work with the SBDC, particularly in areas such as paying sales tax. She was also featured in the Center’s Digital Marketing Blueprint series as an exemplar of authentic and cohesive branding, another testament to Jaimie’s talent and willingness to give back to others.  

Jaimie understands that running a business isn’t easy and that failure is always a possibility, but by embracing her competition, building community relationships, and choosing to see every situation as a learning experience, Jaimie has found her place in Bellefonte and success in business. All Things Kind Market stands as a symbol of Jaimie’s vision to educate, guide, and propel the community toward a more mindful and sustainable future. 

“Tom became my business Coach... Being able to reach out and schedule a meeting with him at any time throughout the process was incredibly helpful.” 
- Jamie Holsinger

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