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From Threads to Treasured Memories: Hanna’s Breakthrough with Breast Milk Jewelry

Hanna Stover, the proud owner of Momoyo Otsu, is a dedicated entrepreneur with a profound passion for jewelry. Momoyo Otsu initially began as an online clothing boutique in 2018, which Hanna managed part-time alongside her full-time job. With a decade-long tenure as a sales manager at a local jewelry store, Hanna not only gained expertise but also became GIA certified, nurturing her love for jewelry and a fervent desire to assist others. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the closure of the jewelry store presented Hanna with an opportunity to address an industry void. Thus, she embarked on opening her storefront, Momoyo Otsu, situated in Lock Haven, PA. Hanna’s vision upon opening her store was to curate unique jewelry pieces tailored to meet the specific desires of her clientele. Three years into her venture, she received significant demand for custom breast milk jewelry, Hanna partnered with Martina Guerra Goldsmith to craft these personalized gems.

Hanna’s idea to develop breast milk jewelry did not come without its set of challenges. Concerns regarding the health risks associated with handling bodily fluids prompted the business partners to seek the guidance of a medical professional. Following consultations with a doctor to ensure safety protocols, they successfully established a safe process of pasteurizing and disinfecting the milk. With this knowledge, they launched their 45-day experimental phase, which started on March 13, 2024, to mark the beginning of their first set of gems. As they transitioned to accepting custom orders, during the testing phase, a new challenge arose to effectively communicate to customers the amount of breast milk needed to craft the jewelry pieces.

After previously working with the Penn State SBDC in 2020 to open Momoyo Otsu’s storefront, Hanna reconnected with business consultant, Tom Keiffer, to help execute her newest business idea. Hanna had most of the equipment she needed to fabricate the jewelry already, but she needed to address the issue of customers giving the appropriate amount of breast milk for the jewelry. Tom proposed providing vials with specified fill levels, thereby eliminating the necessity for direct contact with breast milk and facilitating the integration of materials within the singular vial. This process also allows Hanna to pasteurize and disinfect the milk without ever having to touch the liquids, creating an all-around safer and more efficient process. Throughout the process, Tom offered guidance, resources, and valuable contacts to ensure a smooth transition for Hanna in her new business venture.

Currently, the gems are still in the experimentation process, but Hanna cannot wait to start fulfilling their pre-order sales. The business owner is so excited to provide such unique pieces to her customers, especially since breast milk jewelry is not offered anywhere else within a 45-mile radius of Lock Haven, PA. Likewise, unlike other breast milk jewelry that is often only sold in the color white, she discovered how to create the jewelry using various gemstones, such as Opal to accommodate to her customers’ needs even more. Hanna is hoping to launch the breast milk jewelry line by the beginning of summer.

Hanna’s entrepreneurial journey has profoundly shaped her, pushing her beyond her comfort zone, and fostering personal growth. Since establishing Momoyo Otsu in 2018, she has fully embraced the challenges and joys of small business ownership, from business growth to crafting custom jewelry. Inspired by her Japanese grandmother, Hanna’s mission is to spread joy and love through her endeavors, which she envisions her non-traditional jewelry achieves. This vision, fueled by her gratitude, has been supported wholeheartedly by the SBDC. Hanna expresses her appreciation, noting, ‘For every doubt I had, Tom was there to help support me by offering resources, suggestions, and ideas. I cannot say enough good things about the SBDC.”

"For every doubt I had, Tom was there to help support me by offering resources, suggestions, and ideas. I cannot say enough good things about the SBDC.”
- Hanna Stover, Owner of Momoyo Otsu

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