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Behind the Lens: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

In the heart of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, two photographers have joined forces. Audrey Chambers, the proud owner of Audrey’s Fluttering Shutters, and Jessica Sayers, the creative force behind Wild Honey Photo Co., share a deep-rooted passion for photography. While they have distinct styles and approaches, both Audrey and Jess are united by a common goal—to create lasting memories for their clients.

Audrey’s transition into entrepreneurship was a natural progression. Initially, she started taking photos informally for friends and family, but as demand for her services grew, Audrey realized the potential of turning her passion into a business. Encouraged by a supportive network of entrepreneurial friends, she decided to formalize her venture. With guidance from the Penn State SBDC, Audrey learned how to run the business while balancing a full-time job and has transformed her passion into a successful venture.

Along the way, Audrey connected with Jessica Sayers, a fellow photographer. After connecting on social media, they decided to meet in person at the Clinton County fair, where they chatted at length about their cameras, their photography styles, and their desire to someday own a studio space.

Like Audrey, Jess discovered her love for photography through a hobby. But what started as a creative outlet soon blossomed into Wild Honey Photo Co., a haven for storytelling and capturing moments. With encouragement from Audrey, Jess reached out to the SBDC, who helped her navigate the complexities of starting a business.

Then, in a serendipitous turn of events, Jess moved to the area and a space they had pegged as an ideal studio became available. While they had only been in talks of locating a joint space for a few minutes, the price and location were right, and the two joined forces to open Studio 120, a photography studio and event space in the heart of downtown Bellefonte.

Both Audrey and Jess credit the SBDC for providing valuable assistance in navigating the complexities of starting and operating a business. From their LLC and sales tax registrations to beneficial ownership filing and preparing for their grand opening, the SBDC helped guide Audrey and Jess through every step of the process.

“I’d never run a business before, so all the steps involved were brand new,” says Audrey. “The SBDC literally walked me through everything, which was helpful when I didn’t know what I was doing otherwise.”

Jess added “I’ve recommended the SBDC to a bunch of new businesses that have started in my area because I honestly wouldn’t have been able to complete the process without them.”

The two photographers also credit their success to the support they’ve received from their loved ones. For Audrey, her husband’s joint interest in learning photography and encouragement ultimately empowered her to move forward with her business. And with support from Jessica’s family, Studio 120 has been drastically renovated, creating a beautiful and creative space for both photographers to do what they do best—capture the beauty of life through their lenses.

“The SBDC literally walked me through everything, which was helpful when I didn’t know what I was doing otherwise.”
- Audrey Chambers, Owner of Audrey's Fluttering Shutters

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